Character Creation Vol.2 – Rigging

Following Volume 1: Modeling and preceding Volume 3: TexturingSintel artist and Blender Certified Trainer Lee Salvemini returns with Volume 2 of his Character Creation series. This second installment will take the modeled Ninja and make it animation ready. The DVD begins by going over all the rigging tools from a fundamental level (great for beginners!), all the way to building professional level animation rigs seen in the industry today, with full control via python scripted custom sliders. Lee will also include solutions to problems you’ll come across while building a practical and powerful rig in blender.

This is truly a complete reference for rigging that you can come back to again at any point during your time learning Blender.

Bonus Chapters Include Rigging with Cloth Simulation, and what you need to know about Rigify, Blender’s auto-rigging system.

Read Terry Wallwork’s review on – “I’ve seen and read a lot of videos and books, and I can say that I have never seen a video tutorial that is as complete and extensive as this is on the topics of rigging. If you are interested in Blender and want to get expert in rigging with Blender this is the video tutorial to get.”
— Review Score 100%

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  • Instructor: Lee Salvemini
  • Video Info: 9 hours total duration, 1280 x 768 resolution, Mp4 format.
  • Software Used: Blender 2.5x (included on DVD), also compatible with 2.7x
  • Skill Level: Any

DVD Features

  1. Every single second of the creation process recorded.
  2. Full narration for every chapter, with complete explanation of methods and techniques.
  3. Various visual cues, such as: Zooming to smaller menus on the screen, hot-key pop ups, buttons and areas of interest highlighted, efficient mix of timelapse and real-time video.
  4. All chapters include stepped .blend files so you can follow along and research a chapter mid-creation.
  5. Character design by David Revoy, Art Director of Sintel
  6. Final character model and rig included under the Creative Commons license.

DVD Chapters

  1. Introduction to Rigging
  2. Blender's Armatures: A Crash Course
  3. Creating the Skeleton
  4. Head Rig
  5. Upper Limb/Arm Rig
  6. SecondaryAppendage/Hand Rig
  7. Lower Limb/Leg Rig
  8. Humanoid/Biped 'Heel & Toe' Foot Rig
  9. Torso/Pivot Shifting Spine Rig
  10. Rigging Weapons & Accessories
  11. Creating Expressive 'Left & Right split' Facial Blend Shapes
  12. Creating Drivers and 'Custom Animation Properties' in the 3D View using Python Scripting
  13. Weighting the High Quality Character Mesh with Weight Painting and the Mesh Deform Modifier
  14. Rendering for client presentation: Materials/lighting/compositing nodes
  15. Rigging with Cloth Simulation
  16. Rigify: Blender's Auto-Rigging System



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Author: Lee Salvemini

Lee has worked two years on Star Wars Video Game titles for LucasArts. In 2009 Lee applied for and was accepted to be lead artist for the third open movie project, ‘Sintel’.

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