5 Common Pitfalls For Blender Beginners

An alarming amount of people give up on Blender too early on because of a few initial stumbling blocks. I can’t say I blame them, we must have all done it with something at some point in our lives. There’s what I think are 5 big ones here

Blender Beginners Pitfalls

Modeling Exercise – Microphone

In this modeling exercise Chris Plush teaches you a technique for creating the top part of a microphone.


Game Dev #6: Blender Game Engine – Stalking Enemy AI

A breakdown of the logic and scripting behind the stalking enemy AI featured in the game prototype.


5 Little Known Tricks in Blender’s Outliner

Blender’s outliner?! That old unassuming thing? Yup! That’s right! The often neglected outliner has some nice little things up it’s sleeve, here’s a quick tip video with just 5.

5 blenders outliner tricks

Tutorial Contest for 2.72

Check out our new tutorial competition for Blender 2.72. The deadline for entries is October 23, 2014.


Game Dev #5 : Game Prototype Download and Breakdown

Finally! The download of the Blender game prototype is available!! The video also includes a breakdown of the main elements and CG Masters resources used to take it from just being simple blockout geometry to being playable.

blender game prototype download

GameDev #4 : Modularity & Odd Angles on Blender’s Grid

What is modularity? Should you use it in your project? Why would anyone want to use it? What are the limitations?
For modularity you’re going to need the grid. Take a look at an example of how to set that up.

modularity blender thumbnail

GameDev #3 : Game Design Documents

In this next installment of the game development series we’ll explore game design documents. Do you really need one?

game design document
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