Unlocking the Mysteries of UV Unfolding in Blender & Much More

Posted by Aidy Burrows on July 27th, 2014 | Comments (25)


uv unfolding in blender


UV’s can and should be a breeze! Especially for hard surface models. Maybe you’re one of those for which UVing conjures dread from their deepest core!?

Well put those fears aside by arming yourself against dodgy UV work with these tools and features.

From getting around vertex colors in textured solid view to edge sliding beyond the mesh borders we’ve got you covered.



If you have any other UV woes please let us know in the comments below!

(that last sentence is an unintentional rhyme by the way.) – Aidy. 🙂


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  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/106006017007422318473/106006017007422318473/posts Angel Roldan

    This is BY FAR, one of the most valuable and informative Blender related videos I have ever seen! Straight forward information and overall concepts make for a great lesson. Invaluable for anyone that needs to work with textures and UVs (especially in hard surface modeling!). Well done and very well presented. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • http://www.cgmasters.net Aidy Burrows

      Thanks Angel, that is very kind of you to say. It’s a topic that doesn’t seem to be covered very often so hopefully we can cover some other off the beaten path areas. – Aidy.

  • http://members.home.nl/w.ijpelaar/webart/ Wil IJpelaar

    Thanks for this well explained tutorial.
    And Thanks for sharing this information.

    And I give you Greetings from Netherlands.

    • http://www.cgmasters.net Aidy Burrows

      Greetings! 😀 and you’re welcome Wil!

  • http://Website Tejinder Singh

    Very Very informative indeed, didn’t know some of the features existed. Well explained, very useful! Many thanks!

    • http://www.cgmasters.net Aidy Burrows

      Thanks for saying so Tejinder! 😀 – Aidy.

  • http://digitechexperts.co.uk nawabz

    your are a UV Saver. the pinning is strong with you
    honestly I’ve dreaded UV Unwrapping for a long time, now i can continue my journey knowing its will be easier thanks to you.


    • http://www.cgmasters.net Aidy Burrows

      haha! That’s great Nawabz! So glad you got something out of it, you are exactly who I made this for then! 😀 – Aidy.

  • http://Website Alexander Björk

    Wow… finally!! I’ve been having a hard time here trying to understand and fix uv’s for my environment models but always failed at some points. But you explained every single solution about how to fix these kind of issues that could be mentioned about this subject.. you’re a life saver! THANK YOU SIR! =D

    • http://www.cgmasters.net Aidy Burrows

      That is very cool of you to say, I’m so glad i’ve managed to help! 😀 – Aidy

  • http://unrealpossibilities.blogspot.in/ Rohit

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Coming from a person, who has wasted lots of hours trying to get the UVs aligned properly after moving some faces here and there, this is one of the most useful videos on Blender that I’ve seen till now. Cheers to you man.

    • http://www.cgmasters.net Aidy Burrows

      you’re very welcome! So glad this has been useful. 🙂 – Aidy

  • http://Website James Sky

    I’ve been improving my UV unwrapping skills through trial and error for a few months now, but I still picked up some great tid bits (especially about using the pin tool) from this vid; thanks!

    • http://www.cgmasters.net Aidy Burrows

      Thanks James, yeah the pin tool is pretty essential for quick and accurate unwrapping, i’m really glad I could help contribute to your uv mastering 🙂 – Aidy.

  • http://Website Samuel

    Any chance of making a similar video but for more advanced shapes/organics? Just to show more workflow tips?

    • http://www.cgmasters.net Aidy Burrows

      Sure Samuel, we’ll get it on the list! Thanks for the suggestion. – Aidy.

      • http://Website Samuel

        Looking forward to seeing it! This video by itself was already really useful for me. Thanks for making it freely available.

  • http://Website Reverend Speed

    “Stay tuned!”

    AVIDLY. =)

    Caveat: Aidy’s a pro LD and I’m not, what follows is opinion based on observations in making FPS environments.

    I really like the modular workflow but I think there’s a reason Valve, Epic, Respawn, Irrational et al (major FPS devs, basically) STILL use BSP brush workflow (if not actual BSP) to prototype & build the underlying geo. Corridors are basically boxes, after all, and being able to apply and fit a texture to standard sizes is a real advantage in that case.

    After I originally watched your video, I had a go at rebuilding E1M1 of Doom in Blender as a test (files available on request blah blah) and while I got the geo down fairly fast, the texturing is still moving at about 20% the speed of what I’d do in one of the editors mentioned above.

    I think UVs are splendid for fine detail, props and sometimes even corridor pieces (see Fallout 3!), but my meagre experience suggests that UV mapping is overly fiddly for slapping a wall texture onto a wall. One company went so far as to replicate this workflow for Unity http://www.protoolsforunity3d.com/probuilder/ and this product is used in a few commercial projects, including Camouflaj’s Republique http://www.camouflaj.com/

    I’d really, desperately love to find a way to get something like that working in Blender.

    I’m sorry, this is just a bit of a hobby horse for me. =)

    I’ll shut up here – but as budding game developer let me just say what an unmitigated delight it is to find a qualified, experienced ld paying this much attention to Blender. Not from a ‘SEE! BLENDER IS A VALID TOOL!’ perspective as it’s instructive and encouraging to see how a professional turns this particular tool to work on his craft.

    Is good stuff! Is what I am saying. Is very good.

    Apologies again (AGAIN) for the crazy long comment, and thanks to anybody for reading…!



    I can’t thank you enough, I learned so many useful tips, really thankyou…..

    • http://www.cgmasters.net/ Aidy Burrows

      Thanks again Homar! 🙂 Aidy.

  • Levon Tumasov

    Thanks for a such useful totrial!

    • http://www.cgmasters.net/ Aidy Burrows

      You’re very welcome! Glad you liked it! 🙂 Aidy.