Totally new to 3D Animation or Blender? Start Here!

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Great to see you here! Thanks for choosing CG Masters to take the plunge into the world of Computer Graphics!

CG Masters provides training for all skill levels in Blender, but for your first look at the software and 3D animation in general, this is your first stop to get the basics down. After this introductory orientation you’ll be able to confidently dive right into the world of tutorials and online training for whichever areas you find you are interested in, without the confusion of where to start! We look forward to helping you through the first stages of your journey and can’t wait to see what amazing ideas you will be able to create with this medium. To start, just click the introductory video below, enjoy the ride!

1. Introduction

2. Download & Install

3. Your New 3D World

4. Learn Blender’s Interface


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What Next? (Links to community channels, more tutorials & training)





BlenderArtists Community Artist Forum

BlenderNation Blender News  

IRC chat:, #blender and #blenderchat


Download and Install Blender

Blender Download Page  

How to Install Blender  

Install Blender for Mac  

Install Blender for Linux  


Your new 3D World


Learn Blender’s Interface

 Axis Explanation File [Download .blend file]


So that’s a first look into computer animation using Blender. Hopefully it was fun and you got the hang of it!

From here you might feel spoiled for choice and not know what to learn next. Not a worry!


What next?


Feel free to continue to play around with the beginner tutorial files and visit back and re-watch chapters as needed at any time. If you’re feeling confident and keen to learn more, you can dive right into our selection of Free Tutorials, also check out our Comprehensive Training Course DVDs on various topics!

From us all here at CG Masters we wish you success in all you wish to achieve with this amazing art medium, and look forward to seeing what unique creations you can bring to the community and industry!


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  • euripedeus souza

    Great way to introduce the new users, thanks.

    • Lee Salvemini

      Glad you liked it, thanks so much! -Lee

  • Zerei

    Great,, thank you.. (:

    • Lee Salvemini

      My pleasure 🙂 -Lee

  • mongo

    are there any projects for beginners to flex there skills a little? i would love to start building portfolio so i can get a freakin job lol

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  • Rodrigo Macias

    Thank you so much for making/sharing these. I want to design a 3D Animals Chess and these tutorials were very helpful to get me started!