Tire Sidewall Textures

January 13th, 2013 | Comments (4)

This tutorial is a sample chapter from Chris Plush’s Car Modeling and Texturing DVD. Learn how to create a circular texture to map onto the side of a tire which contains all of the details that are typically embossed on the side, such as logos and text.

Link – Car Modeling and Texturing by Christopher Plush

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  1. Hi,

    I made the original texture you’re using in your tutorial[Goodyear F1] I think around 6 years ago for the folks at cg-cars. It’s weird to see it around as I don’t have it on my hardrive but I can still see people using it haha.


    • No sir you did not, that’s an original texture made by me for my car modeling DVD. We probably used a similar goodyear tire as reference. Although yours is most likely more accurate. Most of the text along the rim on mine talks about how awesome cgmasters is.

      • Wish I could find the original one I created then, needed it on a project and had to start from scratch:)

        Great tutorials you’ve got here, gonna purchase the Camaro Tutorial next month!


        • Thanks, and that’s great to hear I hope you like it! PS, I ended up at cg-cars quite a bit when researching for the car DVD. There’s a lot of great content there.

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