Character Creation Vol.3 [BONUS – Texture Wipe Effect Tutorial!]

Posted by Lee on August 9th, 2013 | Comments (5)

Download the file for this tutorial here: Blend File

In this tutorial overview I’ll go through a texture wipe effect that I used in the trailer for my latest training DVD ‘Character Creation Volume 3 – Texturing‘.

Lee (LohnS)

  • http://Website Atom

    Thanks for the sharing the technique. The bug you mention in Dynamic Paint is not really a bug. It is related to the stacking order of the modifiers on the canvas. The order needs to be Dynamic Paint, then Particle System. Your solution of removing the particle system and then re-adding it places the particle system at the end of the stack where it needs to be.

    • Lee

      Hi Atom! You are indeed right! Thanks for letting me know =D

  • http://Website calzaath

    wow! this was a great thing to learn! I’m a bit scared of dynamic paint but this was useful.

  • http://Website omar

    it is so nice,how can I make this material in cycle render engine

  • http://Website Rinchi

    I wish you would put out a free vid on mesh modeling.