Polygon Hair Modeling

Posted by admin on April 23rd, 2011 | Comments (14)

This is a short overview on modeling hair using mesh planes in Blender.

  • http://Website Hammers

    Nice tut! This is a really cool approach for hair and I’m keen to try it soon. I wonder if there’s a neat way you could rig the hair or even make it use the physics engine…. Have to think on that one. Another tutorial maybe 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  • http://Website Colombus__

    I think i can speak in the name of every blender user when i say that this technique is perhaps the best to create hair. Im going to try this soon in my model head im making and for sure i expect to use as beard, mustache, eyebrown and the hair… Im trying blender particles for maybe 3 days and I really can get anything intuitive, its frustrating, hard to comb and define my idea…

    i dont really know who first started in the internet that fur is = hair… its but for art we cant just go and create a bunch of wires and comb them leaking perfection, especially after when shading is necessary

  • http://Website Coke

    What material settings do you use?? I noticed you skipped that part in the tutorial. I just spent the last EIGHT HOURS looking for this exact information and haven’t found anything on it 🙁 I really feel that this tutorial is incomplete without this vital information :.(

    • http://Website Fred

      The Materials he works with are all in the textures. He adds a texture to control Alpha (which makes the hair into strands) and a texture to control color (which is brown-> red), and it renders just fine.
      We may want to tinker with Specularity (to make the hair more or less shiny), and Blender 2.5 does some different things with UV maps than 2.49, but there should be plenty of tutorials out there about how to add a texture via images, and make an image transparent via textures.

  • http://vis4arch.net vis4arch

    Wow, great Tutorial! Thanks!

    I am new to Blender, but the 2.6x version has this small script called screencast keys… maybe in 2.49 is not implemented …

    But it a extra info to for the us to just see the shortcuts, while you are working on the model…

    Thanks again!

  • http://Website Jerry Miller

    Hey! I just discovered this video and I love it ALOT. Will you be able to make a more updated version? like one using Blender 2.62/2.63?

    I guess it doesnt really matter because the hotkeys are the same but still ;D I’d like to see another one of these.

    • http://Website Jerry Miller

      Second thing I’d like to ask about is a tutorial on how to make the hair textures needed for this effect, I’ve been working very hard to introduce myself to textures and now am scrambling to get my hair to look as great as yours o-o.

  • http://Website BlindDragon

    Let me say excellent tutorial, very informative and it’s something I’ve been looking for for some time.
    Making hair look reakistic in a render is hard but I do like the way this one came out… there aren’t too many hair tutes out there… Thanks

  • http://Website gdark999

    thank you so much for this tutorial! i’ve been looking for this for about two days, how to make a polygon hair mesh look like hair without using the particle system. very simple and very easy! thank you!

  • http://Website R1M4NK

    This Tutorial very helpfull for my first character. If I may to asking another tutorial for set entire body with litle hair. I mean like a monkey hair. The hair not just in head, right! LOL…

  • http://Website OMFG

    oh lord! love your tuto!… this is exactly what i was looking for! after months n months searching on the web for this, finallly i got it! thanks a lot dude, u have made my day! i didnt know it could be so easy to do…

  • http://Website babzzz

    Hi, i’m a 2 weeks blender user and i followed your tutorial.Great by the way!
    The only thing is that you skip the part where to create the texture for the hair and how to add it to the hair.
    Do you have any links or any “step by step” tutorial to do it?

    Thank you for your awesome tutorial and maybe later

  • http://nightvyxen.com Nightvyxen

    Thank you for this, its a great Tutorial.

    • Lee Salvemini

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you found it helpful!! -Lee