Importing Vector Graphics to Blender

Posted by Lee on July 13th, 2015 | Comments (4)

Just a quick tutorial on findings when importing some vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator to Blender for making animations.

Download Blend File for this tutorial.





A huge thanks to ‘Max Power’, who on youtube sent in a comment with some great ways to deal with not only the weird color importing, but an even quicker less tedious way to make all materials appear shadeless at render time without going to each material to turn ‘shadeless’ on!


  • Scott Hill

    Thanks for sharing, I wasn’t actually aware blender could import SVG files as vectors.

    • Lee Salvemini

      That’s great to hear Scott, glad it was helpful! I sort of knew the import option existed, but I really hadn’t needed to try it until recently, and found it quite interesting 🙂 -Lee

  • Ach Hadda

    could i see the logo with the animation in it file ? of course if it doesn’t bother you

  • fxswan

    thanks for sharing…i have a lot of CS2 AI work that I have wanted to use and not waste….ideas abound even more…