Modeling Exercise – Soccer Ball

Posted by Chris Plush on July 16th, 2015 | Comments (13)

In this requested tutorial Chris Plush teaches you one way to model a different kind of soccer ball in Blender.

Download the finished blend here

Download the reference image here

Watch Steve Lunds grass tutorial which my grass field was based off of

  • raitoringo

    Very good, tutorial! Thank you!

  • alan zirpoli

    Very nice! Little tip. When you slide a new loopcut you can press “F” for “even” and then if needed “F” for “flip” in order to get a parallel loop.

    • Chris Plush

      Very cool tip I didn’t know about, thanks for that!

  • Ach Hadda

    amazing but the finished blend can’t download it for some reasons :/

    • Chris Plush

      Fixed the link, thanks for letting me know!

  • Warren D. M. Reed

    Wow, thanks, you just opened my blender curtains on new vistas of possibilities. Time to go horse around with the cast modifier!

  • Nakul

    hey can u send me the vedio for download..

    • Chris Plush

      Here’s a great site for downloading youtube videos: … Just paste the url of the youtube video in the field at the top and it’ll allow you to download the original video.

  • Hansoolow

    Great tutorial! You learn a lot about different modelling-techniques if you are a beginner, like me. One a sidenote: it’s “football” 😉

    • Chris Plush

      Haha I do call it a football at one point in the video to appease the europeans. Glad you liked the tutorial!

  • Mateusz

    7 years of experience in 3D modeling. Accomplished many different, paid and non profit projects but I never, NEVER heard about existence of Cast modifier. Thank you man, You’re the boss 🙂

    • Chris Plush

      Haha thanks, and I know the feeling. I had never used it before then my teammate Aidy suggested it when I was making a previous tutorial on creating a microphone shield. Now I’m finding all sorts of cool uses for it.

  • JeSZ

    Awesome tutorial as expected from you. Thanks a lot Chris.