Modeling Exercise – Microphone

Posted by Chris Plush on October 17th, 2014 | Comments (21)

In this modeling exercise Chris Plush teaches you a technique for creating the top part of a microphone.

Download the microphone model here

  • Niranjan Raghu

    This is awesome! I’ve never thought of using the cast modifier before.

  • Oscar Prøwhïz Obians


  • Charles Mangum

    A very good tutorial. It is easy to follow, and good explinations were given.

  • vklidu

    Thanks for great tutorial.
    BTW, is there a reason why you used Bezier Circle object for thickness of wires?
    Seems to me easier setup thickness directly in properties panel (“Fill”=”Full”, “Bevel” (Depth, Resolution)).

    • Chris Plush

      Many thanks for that! I don’t use curves often and I was unaware of that option. I’ll have to update the tutorial soon to use that, thanks!

    • Aidy Burrows

      This (the bevel depth) is the method that I prefer to use too, however what I like about Chris’s method is that if anyone is unfamiliar with those bevel object options it allows for custom shapes and not just a circle for some cool effects.

      In this particular example though only a circle is needed (or the bevel depth option with full fill of course).

      Fun almost pointless fact! – The standard method of doing this in Maya would be similar to how Chris does it here as Maya doesn’t have these options to make renderable curves so easy to work with! 😀 – Aidy.

  • jim ww Smith

    a couple of notes, for efficiency. rather than subdividing the curve object, you can go into edit mode, and change the curve type in the tool panel, from poly lines to nurbs or bezier curves. then you can set the viewport and render resolution in the curve properties panel. also, to change cursor modes, use the period and comma keys.

  • Grant

    Excellent Tutorial Chris. Cheers! 🙂 Here is my effort. Just needs a high sample render.

  • Grant

    Great Tutorial Chris. Cheers! Here is mine. 🙂

    • Chris Plush

      That looks excellent, great job!

      • Grant

        Cheers Chris!

    • Yarally3

      How did you get that handle tex?

      • Grant

        Just a procedural material in cycles I made.

  • Txemi Jendrix

    Thanks for the tuto, it is very useful. Here is my result. Bye

  • Txemi Jendrix

    Sorry, this is the image.

  • Jean Paul

    ¿Can somebody show me how to do the materialas? I´m really trying to do the metal material and the black one, with diffuse and glossy, but it´s not really working for me 🙁

  • Prince Saa`i`D Yohannes

    This is kinda awesome i am not going to make a mic but i am going to make this instead or something similar to this in a few weeks.

  • Sergey Mikhailov

    Great tutorial, Chris! Thanx a lot! It helped me with my quest! This is my work.

    • Chris Plush

      That’s one nice looking mic.