How to Create Volumetric Clouds in Cycles

Posted by Chris Plush on April 29th, 2014 | Comments (2)

Jordan McCracken shows you how to create volumetric clouds and render them with Cycles. This tutorial was Third Place in our Blender 2.7 tutorial contest. More contests will be held with each new release of Blender. Follow us on facebook to keep an eye out for these and other contests.

Created by: Jordan McCracken

Check out his website: Jordan McCracken on YouTube

Download the project files here

  • Chelsea

    Pressing “R” does not do that in my version I can’t figure out how to turn on proportional editing.

    • Chris Plush

      While in edit mode you can press the O key to turn that on proportional vertex editing. Pressing O again will turn it off. There’s also a circle icon next to the magnet icon in the 3D View header that turns it on and off.