GameDev #2 : 5 Viewport Tips

Posted by Aidy Burrows on July 14th, 2014 | Comments (13)


5 blender viewport tips for game environment


Ok I lied! There’s a few more tips mentioned and some handy modelling practices thrown in too.

Oh and also what pacman’s got to do with anything.




5 very important tips that are covered…


  1. Viewport mist

  2. Viewport shadows

  3. Better looking alphas

  4. Navigating with keyboard and mouse controls

  5. Realtime reflections


GLSL Textured View


Something that isn’t made explicit in the video but I’ll mention here is that for correct viewing you’ll need to set the viewport to use GLSL under the shading section of the properties sidebar (N key) and make sure your viewing mode is set to Textured! (Alt + z)


Also i’ll be getting the bridge mesh to tile and then quickly deform along a curve.

Bridge Curved


Let me know if you have any tips of your own in the comments below!

In the next installment we’ll be taking a look at some drawbacks and advantages of modularity. Until next time!!! – Aidy



  • http://n/a mike kelly

    that was a good tut did’nt know about mist in view port gonna keep up with this series. on thing , when you were fixing the gap in the array, you can select all those verts you wanted to line up and scale them on the X axis then put them were you want . just in case its s , x , 0 and that’ll line them up, might save a few clicks

    • Aidy Burrows

      Thanks Mike!

      And I appreciate you adding the extra info on another way to line up the verts. That is definitely a reasonable way to go about it.

      The reason I didn’t go that route though was because I didn’t want to move the target vertices.

      What’s not immediately obvious from the tutorial is that the texture of those verts along the axis I was snapping to lines up with some floating geometry.

      In any case it is a good point that there are many ways to go about it!

      Thanks again! – Aidy. 🙂

  • Worldsday

    One small correction: The height and jump of your view in walk mode can be adjusted in the input section of your user prefs, so you don’t have to scale your world to 1 m = 1 bu to take advantage of this feature.

    • Aidy Burrows

      Ah yes of course! (Sam isn’t it? Good reel on your site by the way! 🙂 )

      Thanks very much for the correction.

      – Aidy

      • Worldsday

        Thank you, Aidy! I am pleased to see such high-quality models/textures/lighting in this game, by the way. It goes to show what the BGE is capable of when competent artists are using it.

        • Aidy Burrows

          That’s awesome! Thank you very much for saying so. I hope I don’t disappoint with the upcoming additions and especially once I get to the optimising phase! haha! – Aidy 😀

  • Dalai

    You can tweak the walking parameters in the User Preferences (including the eye height).

    Also if your scene is scaled you can change your global scene unit scale and walking will work proportionally.

    Nice to see this spotted in the video by the way.

    • Aidy Burrows

      Hi Dalai!

      And I now get the opportunity of thanking you for Cycles baking! haha! Awesome work! 😀

      Also thanks for the scene scaling tip, that had somehow slipped my mind that you would probably be able to alter the global scale to compensate if you didn’t want to alter the user prefs for whatever reason.

      Many thanks again for all the work you’ve been doing! – Aidy 😀

  • Olson

    Leave new loop cuts right in the middle by right clicking out of the edge slide – that is to say, ctrl + R, left click, right click. Avoids possibility of accidental slide when trying to double click confirm.

    Looking forward to more of these, thanks Aidy 🙂

    • Aidy Burrows

      Ah yes! Thanks Olson. Great tip.

      And they’ll be more installments coming very soon! – Aidy 🙂

  • Jacky

    Hi, have you infos in that Dvd about creating a shader Stack for game engine with the bake option of blender and use the channels of a texture as Mask to control Aspekts of material effects(metallness,glossyness,Routhnesss etc.)
    I found a pdf about Dota 2 texture mapping for the game engine and in that tut are infos about baking the roughness to one of ne of the RGB channels with a Emission node…
    Total new but totales intereting to see how the game engine gcreat a great looking Environment .

    • Aidy Burrows


      It is quite common to combine a bunch of greyscale images into each channel of an image so that the game engine only requires 1 drawcall.

      In fact we did this sort of thing while working on the Lego game environments.

      I don’t employ that idea in the DVD though. I’ll be doing some free upcoming UE4 tutorials shortly where I think those kinds of ideas make a bit more sense as you’ll be able to measure the performance improvements.

      Incidentally if you haven’t seen it check this out…
      it basically takes the idea to the extreme. 🙂 Aidy.

  • Jordan

    Hello, how to get the background of the properties window clear? It would be a lot more useful, thanks :). Also I’m starting off in blender, I cant seem to stay on a project because I say its “too hard” or I just give up on the project Please Respond, THNKS!