Game Dev #5 : Game Prototype Download and Breakdown

Posted by Aidy Burrows on October 6th, 2014 | Comments (31)

Finally! The download of the Blender game prototype is available!!

PLEASE DOWNLOAD HERE and if possible feedback any thoughts. THANK YOU!

Is it over too quickly? too long? Too easy? Too hard?

The video also includes a breakdown of the main elements and CG Masters resources used to take it from just being simple blockout geometry to being playable..

I’ll admit this isn’t pretty but hopefully you’ll agree it’s enjoyable to play. This is bare bones stuff!

For those following along with the project you’ll see more art related development coming very soon.

For more posts in the series including the Game Design Document for this project check here.


If you liked that, why not try this >


blender uv unfolding tutorial




  • Nessie

    Thanks for this. I am learning a huge amount from your Game Dev series. The only thing I would say is that it does take a bit of a long time to try and find all of the trash bags, but only because you get a bit disorientated. I know it’s only a prototype and some colour might help. The AI system is good especially when you try to escape 🙂 Looking forward to the next instalment

    • Aidy Burrows

      That’s awesome thanks for downloading and trying it out and of course for the feedback! 🙂

      Yes, regarding the time taken to find the bags, I think you’re probably right, once the final art is in place hopefully the disorientation will be reduced, I will have to keep an eye on that though. I did have a thought which was to implement a timer which recognized when the last bag was collected, if it looked like the player was taking too long to find the next one then give some sort of clue to where a remaining bag is. But what sort of clue? Hmm, maybe an onscreen compass that appeared indicating the direction of the nearest bag?

      Thanks again! 🙂 – Aidy.

      • Nessie

        That is actually a great idea 🙂 I think that would offer up a lot more game play with a count down to reach goals etc. and also have more enemies.

        • Aidy Burrows

          Thanks! Yeah, i’m kicking myself that I didn’t just add a simple timer to it already. So I can see how long it takes people to collect them. By the way, what sort of enemies were you thinking? Having more swarms? Or a different sort of enemy with a different ability? Maybe one that can transport but gives the player fair warning that it’s about to arrive sort of like the terminator wind and electricity swirling that they did.

          I think that sort of stuff would be a later iteration though. 🙂 – Aidy.

        • Nessie

          Ha ha yeah MUCH later 🙂 I was thinking the further you progressed into the game you would face an upgraded enemy, faster, better AI, more powerful weapon etc and of course upgraded abilities like teleport. But as you say I’m getting carried away 🙂 Just looking forward to see this progress. Cheers Aidy

        • Aidy Burrows

          Thanks again Nessie! I wonder if it would be worth giving some controls of difficulty over to the player. So they could set how fast the enemy was and things like that. Having said that I know I always prefer to play on a standard default difficulty level. Some ‘designed’ expected difficulty level so I can say ‘i’ve passed some common human standard’ if that makes any sense! 🙂 – Aidy.

  • Aym

    I have a suggestion, it would be great if you could organize a live Q&A streaming on a google hangout, this why we can get a more interactive feedback, I also have other suggestions that I would be happy to share then!

    • Aidy Burrows

      That’s a great idea!! Definitely if others are interested I will look into setting that up. When do you think are good times to do that? and how much notice do you think might be required? I guess I could do more than one for convenience due to people in different timezones.

      Thanks again! 🙂 – Aidy

      • aym

        Hi Aidy, sorry for the late reply,
        Yeah! for the time I’m not quite sure about the most suitable time, but I know that google hangout, records the streaming, so any one can see the video anytime they like, I think you’ll only need a small announcement, maybe on the CGMasters social websites pages, or announce it on blendernation, I think conceptcookie wont refuse to share your announcement on their Facebook page, all this might be more than enough to get a respectable amount of people :).

        For the content, I think a similar topic to the video on this page would be really great, so while you are explaining things people can throw questions. An other approach is that you can work on a task that is part of the project and answer people questions as you work , I’ve seen that a lot.
        here is an example of a live-streaming from conceptcookie :

        Just a little thing about the blendfile, I’m not sure if this just happening for me, somehow when I start the game the camera goes in an infinite fall through the ground, I’m not sure if that a collision problem, I think that might be because of my weak pc, I’m running a windows 32bit version.

        for the other suggestion, I think adding a character that walks and runs would be also a great thing, maybe creating the game with multiple first person view, I’m actually thinking about doing that my self, but I’m having a lot of problems with game engine and how it handles animation + the collision … I think I only need to experiment more 🙂

        Good luck!

        • Aidy Burrows

          No problem! Thanks again for the input!! 🙂

          Yeah, i’m not sure what’s happening with your blender version, that’s a real shame. Perhaps you are right, maybe something isn’t loading up in time before it goes crazy. Maybe try running it in wireframe and see if it makes any difference? Sorry about that, many thanks for trying though!!!!

          Yeah a character that walks and runs would be awesome and I expect Lee on CG Masters could do an incredible job on that too, however, for now i’d like to keep this quite simple to achieve. That is something that I would love to return to though!

          Good luck with your project too! Please keep us informed with how you get on any cool lessons learned! 😀 – Aidy.

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  • John Vlemmix

    Great stuff!
    Any plans for third person games? I would like a – mario like – follow camera.

    • Aidy Burrows

      Thanks John! A Mario like 3rd person style would be pretty cool. We will do more of these sorts of things so it’s just a matter of getting everyone interested in a particular project and then we’ll do it! 🙂 – Aidy.

      • John Vlemmix

        Well, the reason why I used Mario as an example is that is has directional movement AND the follow camera. Both of these are tricky to do and there are almost no examples, tutorials or blend files available for these.
        ( there is a 8-way directional movement turorial, but altough it works it is not the way it should be done ( it uses 8 empty’s ))
        But of course these two funcions are usefull for almost ANY third person game ( and not just Mario clones )

        • Aidy Burrows

          Yeah, that’d make a pretty good tutorial. Chris who did the FPS tutorial maybe able to take a look at this. Thanks for the idea! – Aidy 🙂

  • S-Farantopoulos

    It would be nice if I could change the mouse speed in-game. Also, have you tried adding more objects or would the game be to heavy?
    None the less I enjoyed it 🙂

    • Aidy Burrows

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Control options and speed changes for this sort of game within a certain parameter for finetuning, yeah definitely i’ll make sure to have that.

      Do you mean more of the same object or different objects to pickup? I don’t think the game would be too heavy, even pacman had the cherry, yeah I’ll think about that, did you have anything in mind?

      Thanks again! 🙂 – Aidy.

      • S-Farantopoulos

        I don’t mean objects to pick up, but decorative items. like flyers on the walls, trash cans (garbage like, because the map reminds a lot an abandoned city).
        And to give you a challenge, try making the option to change the game resolution, in game! (I haven’t found a proper way yet 😀 ).
        Keep up the good work.

        • Aidy Burrows

          ah right, yes I will definitely be adding more general things around the map to help give it some bearing to where you roam.

          For this project I think i’ll try to keep it simple and make sure the premise is fairly solid and I don’t deviate from it too much. Though i’d like to take on some challenges in isolation if it is possibly of help to people in addition to this particular series.

          So things like 3rd person cameras and game resolution options are all great content ideas for upcoming tutorials! 😀

          Thanks again! – Aidy.

  • Reverend Speed

    Excellent! The series is going from strength to strength! Really enjoyed playing the game – I think you’ve a solid, simple game idea here. Amnesia/Isolation/Pacman – makes sense! Definitely want to see more. That was my first time playing an actual game in Blender – and I really dug the first person controller (was delighted to see that the creator had gone so far as to include crouching! =)

    I’ve just started programming in Python and I intend investigating Blender’s game engine over the next few days or so (using CG Masters & CG Cookies Blender Python tuts). If that goes well, maybe I’ll look into converting some camera systems over from C# to Python for Blender. I doubt the math is that different. What? When did hubris hurt anyone?

    If you do the Q&A Hangout (great idea) any chance you could record it? Some of us have a weird paranoia about signing up to more social networks than absolutely necessary. =)

    Regards homing in on the bags, any thoughts about perhaps making the bags emit some kind of sound when the player is within a set radius and the timer has counted down? (Or, efficiently speaking, when the player is standing within a relevant collider). They could be cages with kittens, or idols that whisper, or etc.. Yer still wondering around, but at least when you’re near a bag you won’t just stroll past it. (Wheras, I get the feeling that an unfailing compass would somewhat remove some of the gameplay you’re planning on implementing – searching frantically for the bag).

    Er, I have a suggestion or two? I read your design document, and I love the idea of using the backstreets of Manchester as a setting for the game. I was thinking, though – perhaps your setting suggests a more natural, atmospheric adversary than the standard ‘Swarm’? Manchester was a key (if not THE key) city in the Industrial Revolution, no? A revolution that generated so much heat and light and swaddled whole cities in smog and dust. Now, I’m not a native, so I could be wrong about this. But if I’m not?

    You’ve got the mist working in Blender. Now all you need is particle effects as children of your main enemy. (‘Children’ in the computer sense, not actual children. =) Although…) (Forget about models, for the moment – the fogs the thing!) , basically.

    Suddenly you have a terrifyingly effective ‘Doctor Who’-style modern-day enemy. As I say, I haven’t spent any time in Blender, but if you had some other particle effects advance along the enemy path, then loop back to the enemy, then advance (continually moving up and down at slightly randomised speed) – then you’ve got particle tendrils that precede your main creature/fog nexus – which could augment or replace the red lighting effect you’re currently using.

    What is the smog creature? A wealth of scenarios await. Vengeful orphan ghosts. The toff who wakes every 20 years to put the underclass in their place. Or maybe you’re setting free the souls of orphans trapped in bags by the necromantic toff who wakes every twenty years blah blah blah.

    I don’t think I’ve seen this done THAT often in games. I could be wrong!

    Depending on your schedule, you could drop in a dark figure into the centre of the smog, alpha fade out the texture from the waist down… wouldn’t have to animate much, it’d just be a floating torso (see The Fog pic). Until it sees you, raises it’s arm forward (still scares the shit out of me), then you tilt the body, what 20 degrees forward? And lerp to chase speed…

    Put it in the oven at 120 degrees, wait until the juices run clear and serve to Youtube acclaim. =)

    (Unless you don’t like smog, the history of Manchester, Doctor Who, tons of additional work requested by nobodies…!) In fairness, a lot of this stuff comes from me thinking about how I’d do things in Unity. No idea how easy this would be to do in Blender…

    Again, you’re doing great work Aidy! More! More!


    PS: And for no reason: (A favourite film of mine)

    • Reverend Speed

      OR, fuck it, just put a great big face sprite in the centre of the particles. Man, I know I had something else I wanted to say here.


    • Aidy Burrows

      Hello Rev!

      Wow, you’ve really put some thought into this, thank you very much! Very pleased that you liked the simple premise too! 😀

      Some kind of sound indication as well as visual indication could be pretty cool for helping to locate those pesky bags.

      Also thanks for the additional ideas, i still really like the insect swarm idea as I can have a sprite that crawls across the camera for extra creepy feelings, I think there was an old x files that had these green bugs that were cut from ancient trees that is probably a similar idea. Anyway, you have given me food for thought as I could incorporate the fog into that more in ways that you’ve suggested here, especially if I could get some rolling fog happening too, I’ll have to see what the performance issues are like as I don’t want to stack too many alphas on top of each other, we’ll see though, could be fine. 🙂

      Thanks again for all the input! It’s great! And a big help! 😀


      p.s. yes, If a Q&A Hangout takes place I will certainly record it!

      • Reverend Speed

        10-4! And I remember the X-Files episode. =) I meant to say earlier, forget my suggestions if you’re particularly happy with your scenario – there’s nothing more irritating than somebody rolling up and suggesting you change the entire premise of your project.

        I will be interested in seeing the results of your experiments in alpha particles – they’re my absolute go-to in Unity for cheap animation and atmosphere. Would be nice to know that I can just ‘glue some particles on it’ in Blender. =)

        Regards input, well, I think Andrew Price has the rights of it – game dev in Blender is a solid project and you’re working an interesting design. It’s easy to contribute to something like that!

        All the best,


  • Michael Tackett

    Too easy and collision with pickups too small. Sometimes I think I
    grabbed them but haven’t. As for it being too easy, I just think it is
    too easy to outsmart enemy. I can follow him and h doesn’t see me. Make
    him more aware of his surroundings I think

    • Aidy Burrows

      Thanks Michael, That’s great that you enjoyed it! Totally agree with your thoughts there. I’ll have the difficulty ramp up but also have the option for the player to choose a harder setting. I’ve updated the Gmae Design Doc comments. Thanks again! – Aidy 🙂

  • Michael Tackett

    And yes, a very enjoyable game. I liked it overall and think it is a great idea.

  • Mike

    very good game I can’t wait for more levels and other stuff. I do think a You win and You died text would be nice.

    • Aidy Burrows

      Thanks Mike! And very good point! 🙂 – Aidy.

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  • Tobiasz Karoń

    The funny thing is – I managed to be following the “enemy” from the back and it didn’t see me. Reverse “revenge” mode? 😀

    • Aidy Burrows

      you’re absolutely right, I thought I’d make it a bit easier on the player by having the swarm only look forwards, though I could have it look all the way around. It would be a great thing to add as a sort of difficulty slider when customizing the enemy. Thanks for the comment. Aidy 🙂