Create a Missile Turret Scene

Posted by Lee on December 5th, 2012 | Comments (18)

Download the files for this tutorial here: Blend Files

This overview tutorial will show how to create a cool missile turret shot, inspired by a cut scene in one of the Final Fantasy games. Know which one??

Lee (LohnS)

  • Thomas Beck

    Really a great tutorial! I love especially how you’re setting up the missile trails without a smoke simulation and how you fake the dof..never thought of this way of doing it! See, even a BFCT can always learn new things 😉

    Concerning final fantasy: That’s most likely the Galbadian missile base from FF VIII 🙂

    Greetings and thanks a lot for your work!

    Thomas Beck, Plasmasolutions

  • http://Website Jorge


  • http://Website Juan

    Thanks for sharing. Great tutorial.

  • aditia

    Somehow the blend file is corrupt. Agree with Thomas, it’s from the FFVIII, squall and rinoa…aah those days, feel nostalgic 🙂

    Thanks lee

  • Hassan Yola

    Yeah I also like mostly how you create that fake smook sim using a combinaison of particles and material as well as you node setup in order to stylise you render oh yeah also you fake DOF

  • Pandu Aji Wirawan

    Really GREAT tutorial, Thank for share :D. it’s awesome

  • http://Website Uro

    Thanks for sharing. Gonna try, I hope the file is OK.

  • http://Website Esteban

    Hey…the .blend its not working…it says its corrupted!!!!

  • http://Website haq_zaf

    Blend file download says CRC error,corrupt.Twice downloaded Blend file.Same problem observed.please check and advice.

  • Lee

    Hi everyone, thanks for the compliments and feedback! I’m checking on the corrupted zip file right now, should have a fix very soon!

    Thanks again!

  • Lee

    OK just re-uploaded, if you were having trouble unzipping the files please give a try now! Cheers =)

    • Aditia

      Thanks’s working fine now

  • http://Website haqzaf

    It worked.Unzipped the downloaded file without problem.thanks.Will follow your tutorial in latest Blender 2.65 release.Thanks

  • http://Website OfftheRails

    Best tutorial I’ve ever seen.

  • http://Website JPGBLENDER

    Lot of tricks than i not seen since a long time, thank you for this good tutorial.

  • http://Website ryosuke

    Hi Lee,

    It was a great tutorial. But unfortunately your video blend.file got corrupted. Then when I tried to render the animation using image one by one, the file is already corrupted start from image 16. That’s why when I tried to record the video there was a rainbow flare came out. I’ll post it

  • http://Website Bruce

    Hi Lee,

    I want to ask about blender problem regarding to this turret tutorial. I am using latest blender 2.65a. But why everytime I do the render for the animation it come out like this …..”Invalid number of channels 6, must be <=2".

    I thought blender is already stabilize. So if you can help me, that will be great.

    • Lee

      Hi there!

      I made this file in 2.64 a little while ago just before the 2.65 release so I will check out where the problem could be in the new version and get back with a workaround + updated blend file =)

      Cheers guys and thanks for letting me know!