Cloth Sew Tutorial – Blender 2.71

Posted by Lee on July 9th, 2014 | Comments (11)

Download the .blend file:
Just a quick tutorial on the new addition to cloth simulation, its pretty cool and I’m certain I’ll be using it for my future projects for higher quality cloth and clothing! -Lee

Helpful Hotkeys:
E: Extrude
Ctrl+R: Loop cut
Ctrl+N: Recalc normals


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Following the release of this tutorial, we received this comment from yuji on YouTube…

cloth sew comment

Here’s a brief video log from Lee detailing some solutions and going through his methods for the camera movement…


Lee (LohnS)

  • Tadd

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wooden puppet look so epic as to add an awesome cloak. Nicely done!

    Oh, and the tutorial was very informative! I can’t wait to give it a go!

    Got any good poly-hair tutorials up your digital sleeves? hehe

  • http://Website ohakuma

    anyone knows if it’s possible to bake a cloth simulation in blender on a character and export the result animation so that i can use it in a game engine like unity ? so that if I make like a run cycle for a char i can then have a bake cloth simulation of a cape to parent it to the char in the engine or is not viable?

    • http://Website Anubis

      I believe It’s the same way you would export shapekeys into unity, or an other mesh level animations. You can export the bake result as separate objects per frame as well.

  • http://Website Stephen Hamacek

    Thanks for the nice tute Lee. Takes me back to my first cloth experiment here:

    Looking forward to trying this 🙂

  • Christopher West

    Ooo that looks cool. Going to have to try it with sewn vests or something

  • crazy joe

    how do you join the edges?
    Also i have a character imported from makehuman and when I turn on collision the cloth goes throu the character,
    is there something I could do to make it work or should I make a model similar to that ?

    • Chris Plush

      The F key can join selected vertices to create an edge, and also join selected edges to make a face. Any model will work as a collision object, so you wouldn’t need to make one similar to the one in the tutorial. The makehuman mesh should work as long as collision is turned on for it, although you may need to play with the cloth settings or increase the poly count of the cloth to ensure more accurate collisions. If you’re still having trouble you can email me the blend at and I’ll see what the problem is.

  • Warren D. M. Reed

    Very cool and very clear explanations as usual! Thanks!

  • Ankit

    It’s really cool. Can you do a full series on cloth simulation with character having kinds of clothes like shirt, etc.

  • ben reilly

    the video links don’t work any more

  • Internet Sleuth

    Shows how draconic Youtube/Google is about copyrights now. Your videos were taken down by, who may or may not even have the rights to the model in your videos. His signature is Robert Dooling in a couple of his posts, which is who is claiming copyright infringement.

    His Disqus profile as well,