Adding Knots to Procedural Wood Shaders in Blender

Posted by Chris Plush on March 17th, 2016 | Comments (4)

In this tutorial Chris Plush shows you a way to manually add knots into a procedural wood textures for Cycles. You’ll learn how to distort texture coordinates for procedural textures for added control over how your textures are applied to your objects.

Download the finished blend here

If you’re interested in creating high detail and fully customizable wood shaders, stay tuned for Chris’s upcoming training course, Weapons: Volume 2, on creating shaders and rendering a rifle in Cycles. This course should be out sometime in May or June 2016. In the mean time, if you want to check out volume 1 on modeling the rifle then click here.

  • conspirisi

    not sure what you did, but it was impressive!

  • Renaud Warnotte


  • Ga Kohan

    Awesome Chris and thank you!
    Springfield, VA

  • Darek Z

    A very helpful technic. Thanks a lot!