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FPS Mouselook Script Plus Real Text in the Game Engine

Learn how to use a mouselook script for FPS movement. Also learn how to add real text in the game engine, how to customize it, word wrap long strings into multiple lines, and how to change text dynamically in game.

Game Dev #2 : 5 Blender Viewport Tips

GameDev #2 : 5 Viewport Tips

Welcome to the first video in the series : 5 Blender Viewport Tips for Game Environment Creation.


Cloth Sew Tutorial – Blender 2.71

Just a quick tutorial on the new addition to cloth simulation!


Create a Snowy Forest River

Steven Lund shows you how to create a beautiful wintery forest scene.


Crow Dissolve

CG Jam shows you how to create the effect of a person dissolving into a flock of crows that fly away.


How to Create Volumetric Clouds in Cycles

Jordan McCracken shows you how to create volumetric clouds and render them with Cycles.


Add Randomness to Animations

John Montgomery shows you how to add randomness to your animations including camera shaking.


Custom Pynodes For Cycles

Atom shows you how to create custom pynodes for Cycles.

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