Video Tutorial Contest for 2.69

Posted by Chris Plush on November 21st, 2013 | Comments (7)

CG Masters Video Tutorial Contest for Blender 2.69


Here are the results for the CG Masters Video Tutorial Contest for Blender 2.69! The turnout was great yet again! All of the contest entries are below. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that participated!

You can view all the rules and information about the contest on the original contest page. In addition to the prizes below, all winners and honorable mentions will have their tutorials published on with full credit and a link to their website.

1st Place – $150 and four CG Masters DVDs of your choice
2nd Place – $100 and two DVDs of your choice
3rd Place – $50 and one DVD of your choice
Honorable Mentions – Tutorial published on


Break a Window in Blender by Steven Lund

Check out his website: Blenderfan93 on YouTube

Download the project files here



Dynamic Triggers by Chris Mcfall

Check out his website:

Download the project files here



Moving Picture Effect in Blender by Caleb Pyne

Check out his website: Caleb Pyne on YouTube

Download the project files here



2.69 Plane Track Tutorial by Chris at CG Jam

Check out his website: CG Jam on Youtube

Download the project files here



Audio Visualization by FermiCG

Check out his website: FermiCG

Download the project files here



How to Render a Leaf on Water in Cycles by Jordan McCracken

Check out his website: Jordan McCracken on YouTube

Download the project files here



NLA Tutorial by Emmanuel Okafor

Check out his website: Luwiz Art on YouTube

Mr. Nut rig
Starter File



Vertex Modeling Tutorial by Moritz Plescher

Check out his website: Istopen on YouTube



OSL Shaders in Blender by Bernardo Mad-Decent Rivera

Check out his website: prmusician1991 on YouTube

Download the OSL Spec
Blender Nodes in OSL

Part 1

Part 2



  • chris mcfall

    Yay! Second Place, I’m delighted with that, this was my first tutorial, I’m really grateful to you and your competition for providing the motivation for me too get it done. 🙂

    • Chris Plush

      First tutorial? You know too much to be hording knowledge like that, you need to make more!

      • chris mcfall

        Thanks for your Kind comments, I’d love to do more tutorials, especially after all the kind words.

    • http://Website chris

      nice work chris. really effective looking tecnique. pleased i got an honorable mention, hope you’ll be competing again, i’ll have to do something extra special next time to beat you. 🙂

      • chris mcfall

        Well competing next years definitely the plan, though Mr Lund is the one to beat. 🙂 I haven’t been through the other tutorials in depth yet, but theres not a bad one amongst them really cool stuff.

  • http://Website Rich Lee

    Completely Awesome. Each tutorial is a genre in itself. It also goes to show the depth and range of Blender users, as well as the software itself. I have used other software, yet I still feel no shame in being an authentic member of Blender Fandom. These tutorials are empirical evidence. Great work. I can’t wait to attempt to dive into all of them. ahem. One day. But there are a few that will be priorirty for what I do. Hats of to the makers of these videos, and to CG Masters for believing in other worldwide Blender users to even have this contest. I feel like, Sheesh, who knew!

  • http://Website blendboy

    these are all really great i cant wait to struggle going through them(im a newbie)! congratulations to the winners your entries look stunning!