Tutorial Contest for 2.74 (Entries Closed)

Posted by Chris Plush on April 3rd, 2015 | Comments (11)

How This Competition Works

Blender 2.74 has officially been released, and that means it’s time for another CG Masters contest to teach people how to use it! The goal is simple, create the best video tutorial or written tutorial you can using Blender 2.74. There’s no theme for the tutorials, just think of something you’re good at and teach us how to do it! Extra points go to those that show how to use the latest features in 2.74. You can submit multiple entries but only one entry can place in the top 3. Tutorials can be of any length. They must be new content, in English, and use Blender 2.74.

The Deadline

All entries must be submitted by the end of April 27, 2015.


Among the prizes listed below, all winners and honorable mentions will have their tutorials published on CGMasters.net.

1st Place

  • $150 cash
  • 4 CG Masters DVDs
  • Tutorial Published


2nd Place

  • $100 cash
  • 2 CG Masters DVDs
  • Tutorial Published


3rd Place

  • $50 cash
  • 1 CG Masters DVD
  • Tutorial Published



How to Submit Your Tutorial

Step 1: If you’re submitting a video tutorial, upload your tutorial to your own vimeo or youtube account. If you’re submitting a written tutorial, upload your tutorial to your website. If you don’t have a website, contact us and we can help you out.

Step 2: Make sure you provide a starting blend file(if necessary), and a finished blend file showing the final result. Link to these files on your tutorial page. If you have nowhere to host these files, contact us and we will host them for you.

Step 3: Post the link to your tutorial in the comments section below, and include any information you’d like us to use to credit you(real name, email, websites, etc.)

Points Are Awarded in 4 Categories

Originality – Is the tutorial unique and creative?
Quality – Is the final product and learning experience awesome?
Accuracy – Is the information accurate, and is the method efficient?
Production – Is the tutorial well produced?


After the deadline it’ll take about a week or two to go through the results and make a decision. Then we’ll gather the winning tutorials on a single page for everyone to view and announce the results on facebook. All winning entries will be available in the tutorials section on www.cgmasters.net.

Tips for Creating a Good Tutorial

For video tutorials, don’t speak or work too fast, and pace yourself based on your target audience’s skill level. Show the result of the tutorial in the beginning so people know what they’re making. Do trial runs on difficult parts so recording goes smoothly. If you include troubleshooting in your tutorial make sure you explain clearly how you are fixing the problems you encounter. Don’t say umm too often.

For written tutorials, use a lot of pictures to clearly illustrate each step of the process. Show the result at the beginning of the tutorial. Spell check. Double check your tutorial for any technical errors or missing steps.

Creative Commons License

By submitting an entry to this competition you agree to release your tutorial and any included blend files under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. This means you grant everyone the right to use or share your blend file and training material however they like as long as they credit you for it. By submitting an entry you also agree that all the content you submit is your own original content, including the blend files and everything in them, or that you have permission to use whatever material is not original.