Results – Tutorial Contest for 2.72

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CG Masters Tutorial Contest for Blender 2.72


Here are the awesome results for the CG Masters Tutorial Contest for Blender 2.72! Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that participated! We host these contest for almost every release of Blender, so stay tuned for another chance to share your knowledge with the world and win some prizes while you’re at it!

You can view all of the entries, the contest rules, and information about the contest on the original contest page. In addition to the prizes below, all winners and honorable mentions will have their tutorials published on with full credit and a link to their website.

1st Place – $150 and four CG Masters DVDs of your choice
2nd Place – $100 and two DVDs of your choice
3rd Place – $50 and one DVD of your choice
Honorable Mentions – Tutorial published on


Create Splashes by Steven Lund

Check out his website: CG Geek on YouTube

Download the project files here:
Tutorial Files
HDR Files



Using the Sun Beams Node by Luca Scheller

Check out his website:

Download the project files here:
Tutorial Files
Original BlendSwap file
HDR Files



Create a Grunge Wall by AnandhaRaja A

Check out his website: Blender Talkies



Animate a Basic Quadruped Walk Cycle by John Montgomery

Check out his website: John on YouTube



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    Well done everyone. Congrats to you all.

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    really great quality tutorials 🙂