Video Tutorial Contest #1 – Results

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CG Masters Video Tutorial Contest


Here are the final results for the CG Masters Video Tutorial Contest! Congratulations to all the winners! The turnout was amazing, and the results are something that everyone is benefiting from so thank you to everyone that participated, and keep an eye out for more contests like this in the near future!

You can view all the entries, the rules, and all other contest information on the original contest page. In addition to the prizes below, all winners and honorable mentions will have their tutorials published on with full credit and a link to their website(tutorial pages are currently being created and winners/honorable mentions are being contacted for credit information before publishing those pages).

1st Place – $150 and all CG Masters DVDs (Character Creation Volumes 1 & 2, Car Creation, and Environment Creation)
2nd Place – $100 and two DVDs of your choice
3rd Place – $50 and one DVD of your choice
Honorable Mentions – Tutorial published on


Blender 2.6 Tutorial: Creating the Awesome Blast Effect from Inception

Created by: Laustinart
Check out his websites: youtube channelportfoliotwittervimeo channel

Download the final blend files here: Before BakeAfter Bake(final)



Rock, Paper, Scissors – Blender Overview Tutorial

Created by: Aidy Burrows
Check out his website:

Download the final blend file here



Blender 2.65 Camera Mapping Island Tutorial

Created by: Steven Lund
Check out his website:

Download the final blend file here



Reynante Martinez – Blender Tutorial: Node Compositing (Updated)

Download the final blend file here



Jayden Beveridge – Wizard-Blast Smoke Effect – Blender 2.65 Tutorial

Download the final blend file here



Jonathan Lampel – Animating a Car Crash in Blender

Download the final blend file here



Jeremy Deighan – Intro to Rigid Body Simulations

Download the final blend files here: Bowling PinsCell Fracture



Tom Latvys – How to Add a Decal in Cycles

Download the final blend file here




  • http://Website Muaaz

    I agree. After watching all the tuts I just kept the inception blast effect tut bcz I knew I have to rewatch it.

  • http://Website Hi_There

    Does anyone knows where i can view the tutoruals that were posted here before the competition results were posted ?

    I havent seen them anywere and some of them seemed to be realy interisting!

    My personal personal favorite was the car crash,
    but all are realy good !
    keep it up 😛

  • http://myowninterests Anonymous

    What happened to the one about all the good techniques for modeling armor and texturing it, that was top quality right there