Guilherme Henrique

Guilherme (aka Sepultura) has been using Blender for the last 8 years. His journey into 3D began after watching Lord of the rings and just had to know how it was all done.

Guilherme is the winner of CG Society’s Hardcore Modeling challenge for Best Model, Best Environment and Best WIP. He has various works featured as top works on BlenderGuru, including 2 in the top 20 from the past year, as well as on many other sites.

His main passion is large scale epic environments and loves those dark moods and complex projects.

For the past 4 years he’s been modeling for architects and visualization artists in Brazil and aiding in the technical aspects.

He’s also called in to talk in many conferences and to teach in CG Schools.

2 years ago Guilherme and a co-worker from Rise games (the studio were they worked) decided to start their own business called Melting Logic, and have developed a painting app that has already been featured in many websites and they’re currently developing a RTS game and a 2D Engine.


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