Greg Zaal

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Character Creation Volume 3.5: Cycles Convert

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Greg Zaal is a technical 3D expert, with artistic roots. He started young in animation and is now a passionate CG generalist who specializes in shading and lighting. He’s worked on a handful of serious Blender productions such as the award-winning musical, En Passant, and works full time in a local animation studio as a technical director.

On the education side, Greg is a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer with over 100 tutorials and articles across renowned websites such as CG Cookie and Blender Nerd, ranging from quick tips to long multi-part series.

Greg has also dabbled in coding, creating several popular Blender add-ons such as Node Wrangler, the Auto Tile Size add-on, and a commercial lighting management tool, Gaffer, for serious professional use.



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