Christopher Plush

DVDs by Chris
Complete Vehicle Production in Blender
Weapons Volume 1 – Modeling
Master It Volume 1 & 2: Fundamentals

Known as blengine in the 3D community, Chris Plush has been around since the days, and has been working with computer graphics for over 14 years. He worked on the open-game project Yo Frankie! at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam. As Lead Game Designer, he worked on all aspects of the game including environments, gameplay, and special effects.

His 3D experience lead him to develop a freelance career creating animations, presentations, and realtime simulations for commercial products, government projects, and many other various clients.

Chris’ artwork and writing has been featured in various publications including Bounce, Tumble, and Splash and Blender Gamekit 2, and the magazines 3D World and Linux Pro.

The warehouse from his Environment Modeling and Texturing DVD was featured in a 6-page tutorial on environment effects in issue 140 of 3D World magazine. That’s just how cool it is.

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