Lighting & Rendering

Cycles Baking | Blender Tutorial

Cycles Baking Tutorial to save us from those render times! Bonus and free tutorial from the Space VFX Elements Series!

cycles baking free tutorial

Clouds Flythrough | Cycles Blender Tutorial

Time to fly! Let’s dive through stellar nurseries in this latest bonus and free tutorial from the Space VFX Elements Series!


Realtime PBR in Blender

Realtime PBR in Blender, how to get it, how to set it up and more!

blender pbr tutorial realtime

Creating your own Matcaps (a cool way to viz characters in Blender)

Learn how to make our own ‘matcaps’! A great way to not only visualize models for sculpting and modeling but also animating and putting a scene together in the viewport!


Create a Kitchen in Blender

AnandhaRaja shows you how to create a complete kitchen in Blender.


Create a High-Poly Snow-Covered Tree

Thomas Cairns shows you how to add a layer of snow on tree branches.


Creating a Basketball in Blender

In this tutorial series on creating a basketball in Blender we’ll be modeling, uv unwrapping, creating texture maps, and rendering in Cycles.


Blender Giveaway – Cycles Shader : Prime Elements

Do you find that you create the same cycles shader setups again and again? Or perhaps you could do with a resource file to use as a starting point to build up some cool and complex shaders? If so, I’m hoping you’ll find this blend file of some use.

cycles shader giveaway thumbnail

Create a Snowy Forest River

Steven Lund shows you how to create a beautiful wintery forest scene.


How to Create Volumetric Clouds in Cycles

Jordan McCracken shows you how to create volumetric clouds and render them with Cycles.


Break a Window in Blender

Steven Lund shows you how to use tracking to create an animation of a 3D baseball smashing through a window in real life footage.


Render a Leaf on Water in Cycles

Jordan McCracken shows you how to render a leaf floating on water in Cycles.


Character Creation Vol.3 [BONUS – Texture Wipe Effect Tutorial!]

In this tutorial overview I’ll go through a texture wipe effect that I used in the trailer for my latest training DVD -Lee


How to Make Explosions

Learn how to create an awesome explosion using Blender. Jonathan Lampel shows you how.


Freestyle Tutorial

Learn how the new freestyle feature works. BlenderWiz shows you how.


Creating a Grand Piano

Learn how to model and render a grand piano. BlenderWiz shows you how.


Freestyle Sketchy Look

Learn how to give your renders a sketchy look using the new Freestyle feature. Bernardo Mad-Decent Rivera shows you how.


Camera Mapping an Island

In this tutorial Steven Lund shows you creative techniques for transforming a photograph into a 3-dimensional scene with depth.


How to Add a Decal in Cycles

Tom Latvys shows you how to add decal textures to a brick wall using material nodes and the Cycles render engine.