Clouds Flythrough | Cycles Blender Tutorial

Time to fly! Let’s dive through stellar nurseries in this latest bonus and free tutorial from the Space VFX Elements Series!


Crow Dissolve

CG Jam shows you how to create the effect of a person dissolving into a flock of crows that fly away.


Audio Visualization

FermiCG shows you how to use particles to visualize sound waves from an audio track.


Character Creation Vol.3 [BONUS – Texture Wipe Effect Tutorial!]

In this tutorial overview I’ll go through a texture wipe effect that I used in the trailer for my latest training DVD -Lee


How to Make Explosions

Learn how to create an awesome explosion using Blender. Jonathan Lampel shows you how.


Creating the Blast Effect from Inception

Learn physics in the new Blender, camera tracking, animation and more in this tutorial where Laustinart teaches you how to achieve the blast effect from the movie Inception.


Wizard-Blast Smoke Effect

Jayden Beveridge shows you how to create a wizard blast using particles and smoke sim.


Create a Missile Turret Scene

Create a scene with firing missile turrets and smoke trails! Inspired by a cut scene from Final Fantasy


Hair Braiding

Quick tutorial on creating a strand of braided hair using particles.