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GameDev #1 Intro

Follow along with Aidy Burrows in a game development series which will include information about the process, tutorials on the creation, and a general insight into his work. Check out some of the early screenshots from the project!


Create a Snowy Forest River

Steven Lund shows you how to create a beautiful wintery forest scene.


Crow Dissolve

CG Jam shows you how to create the effect of a person dissolving into a flock of crows that fly away.


How to Create Volumetric Clouds in Cycles

Jordan McCracken shows you how to create volumetric clouds and render them with Cycles.


Add Randomness to Animations

John Montgomery shows you how to add randomness to your animations including camera shaking.


Custom Pynodes For Cycles

Atom shows you how to create custom pynodes for Cycles.


Break a Window in Blender

Steven Lund shows you how to use tracking to create an animation of a 3D baseball smashing through a window in real life footage.


Dynamic Triggers

Chris Mcfall teaches you how to create a dynamic trigger system to animate the construction of a scene.


Moving Picture Effect in Blender

Caleb Pyne teaches you how to use plane tracking to create a cool animated picture frame effect.


2.69 Plane Track Tutorial

Chris at CG Jam shows you how to do plane tracking to replace billboards in real footage with your own billboards.


Audio Visualization

FermiCG shows you how to use particles to visualize sound waves from an audio track.


Render a Leaf on Water in Cycles

Jordan McCracken shows you how to render a leaf floating on water in Cycles.


Character Creation Vol.3 [BONUS – Texture Wipe Effect Tutorial!]

In this tutorial overview I’ll go through a texture wipe effect that I used in the trailer for my latest training DVD -Lee


How to Make Explosions

Learn how to create an awesome explosion using Blender. Jonathan Lampel shows you how.


Freestyle Tutorial

Learn how the new freestyle feature works. BlenderWiz shows you how.


Blender Cloth Cubes

Learn how to add a cloth/jelly-like effect to make bouncing cubes. Ian McGlasham shows you how.


Creating a Grand Piano

Learn how to model and render a grand piano. BlenderWiz shows you how.


Freestyle Sketchy Look

Learn how to give your renders a sketchy look using the new Freestyle feature. Bernardo Mad-Decent Rivera shows you how.


Creating the Blast Effect from Inception

Learn physics in the new Blender, camera tracking, animation and more in this tutorial where Laustinart teaches you how to achieve the blast effect from the movie Inception.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

In this Blender overview tutorial Aidy Burrows takes you through different techniques and skills used to create a short animation, including dynamic paint for animation, tree modeling, and more.

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