Cycles Baking | Blender Tutorial

Cycles Baking Tutorial to save us from those render times! Bonus and free tutorial from the Space VFX Elements Series!

cycles baking free tutorial

Realtime PBR in Blender

Realtime PBR in Blender, how to get it, how to set it up and more!

blender pbr tutorial realtime

Creating your own Matcaps (a cool way to viz characters in Blender)

Learn how to make our own ‘matcaps’! A great way to not only visualize models for sculpting and modeling but also animating and putting a scene together in the viewport!


Blender Tutorial : Linking And Appending : DO’s and DON’TS!

HUMANS! Take advantage of your human condition by working in a large team! Linking and Appending are the gateways to making that happen, but it’s easy to get tripped up. Watch some do’s and dont’s in this free blender tutorial.

linking appending blender tutorial

Creating Facial Shapes in Blender

In this tutorial: Learn how to make and pose facial shapes in Blender!


Re-proportion a Character in Blender

A quick overview video on how to take a character and modify the anatomy and style by with re-proportion.


Importing Vector Graphics to Blender

Just a quick tutorial on findings when importing some vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator to Blender for making animations.


Create a High-Poly Snow-Covered Tree

Thomas Cairns shows you how to add a layer of snow on tree branches.


What To Know When Creating Next Gen Assets

Not sure what to consider when creating next gen assets? Guilherme takes you through his process on a gravestone asset from an upcoming game project.

next gen asset thumb

Mastering Blender’s Drivers : Automatic Ladder Tutorial

Get deep into the real power available with Blender’s drivers using them to create a ladder procedurally. Gustav Nilsson takes you through how to then add properties and qualities that make posing the objects easy as pie!

blender drivers tutorial thumbnail

5 Common Pitfalls For Blender Beginners

An alarming amount of people give up on Blender too early on because of a few initial stumbling blocks. I can’t say I blame them, we must have all done it with something at some point in our lives. There’s what I think are 5 big ones here

Blender Beginners Pitfalls

5 Little Known Tricks in Blender’s Outliner

Blender’s outliner?! That old unassuming thing? Yup! That’s right! The often neglected outliner has some nice little things up it’s sleeve, here’s a quick tip video with just 5.

5 blenders outliner tricks

Blender 2.72 Feature – Pie Menus.

Let’s say you’re a little peckish and you find yourself tempted to take a little nibble at the pie then launch your user preferences, head over to the addons tab, and type ‘pie’ in the search filter. Enable the checkbox and go crazy gesturing your way through tools, views and settings.

blender 2.72 pie menus

Unlocking the Mysteries of UV Unfolding in Blender & Much More

Put any UV Unwrapping fears aside by arming yourself against dodgy UV work with these tools and features. From getting around vertex colors in textured solid view to edge sliding beyond the mesh borders we’ve got you covered.

uv unfolding in blender

GameDev #2 : 5 Viewport Tips

Welcome to the first video in the series : 5 Blender Viewport Tips for Game Environment Creation.

Game Dev #2 : 5 Blender Viewport Tips

Cloth Sew Tutorial – Blender 2.71

Just a quick tutorial on the new addition to cloth simulation!


How to Create Volumetric Clouds in Cycles

Jordan McCracken shows you how to create volumetric clouds and render them with Cycles.


Dynamic Triggers

Chris Mcfall teaches you how to create a dynamic trigger system to animate the construction of a scene.


Moving Picture Effect in Blender

Caleb Pyne teaches you how to use plane tracking to create a cool animated picture frame effect.


2.69 Plane Track Tutorial

Chris at CG Jam shows you how to do plane tracking to replace billboards in real footage with your own billboards.

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