Game Development

Realtime PBR in Blender

Realtime PBR in Blender, how to get it, how to set it up and more!

blender pbr tutorial realtime

What To Know When Creating Next Gen Assets

Not sure what to consider when creating next gen assets? Guilherme takes you through his process on a gravestone asset from an upcoming game project.

next gen asset thumb

Game Dev #6: Blender Game Engine – Stalking Enemy AI

A breakdown of the logic and scripting behind the stalking enemy AI featured in the game prototype.


Game Dev #5 : Game Prototype Download and Breakdown

Finally! The download of the Blender game prototype is available!! The video also includes a breakdown of the main elements and CG Masters resources used to take it from just being simple blockout geometry to being playable.

blender game prototype download

GameDev #4 : Modularity & Odd Angles on Blender’s Grid

What is modularity? Should you use it in your project? Why would anyone want to use it? What are the limitations?
For modularity you’re going to need the grid. Take a look at an example of how to set that up.

modularity blender thumbnail

GameDev #3 : Game Design Documents

In this next installment of the game development series we’ll explore game design documents. Do you really need one?

game design document

BGE Python: Reading and Writing Rotation

This one’s for the Python dabblers that haven’t been able to figure out localOrientation. Learn to read and write object rotation in DEGREES in Python.


FPS Mouselook Script Plus Real Text in the Game Engine

Learn how to use a mouselook script for FPS movement. Also learn how to add real text in the game engine, how to customize it, word wrap long strings into multiple lines, and how to change text dynamically in game.


GameDev #2 : 5 Viewport Tips

Welcome to the first video in the series : 5 Blender Viewport Tips for Game Environment Creation.

Game Dev #2 : 5 Blender Viewport Tips

GameDev #1 Intro

Follow along with Aidy Burrows in a game development series which will include information about the process, tutorials on the creation, and a general insight into his work. Check out some of the early screenshots from the project!


Bow and Arrow – Part 2

Take the rigged bow from the last tutorial in this series and bring it into the game engine where you’ll learn how to shoot arrows at speeds based on how far you draw the bow back, and have those arrows stick to whatever they hit.


Python Scripting for the Game Engine

Learn the basics of using Python scripting with the game engine in Blender 2.6 by creating a simple script to make a vehicle gain speed and stop.