The Animation Primer

I’d like to welcome you to the release of the Animation Primer! If you’ve been wanting to get into 3D animation, or improve your skills. I’m extremely happy to offer this reference kit for animation, that should serve you thoughout your journey.


ONE DAY to The Animation Primer! Here’s how to be ready

I thought I’d share a small little article for a bit of fun on some ways to prepare for an animation course sprint. Or a project in general!


Curious about 3D Animation? What is the Animator’s Journey?

Hi guys, Lee Salvemini here to talk a bit about how animation can play a part in your life, career and art!


Blender Conference 2015

Didn’t attend the blender conference? Didn’t catch Aidy’s talk? Or maybe need to review a few details (there were rather a lot of details) you can find that here. Bcon15 at large is summarized for you.


Making a Project in Your Spare Time? 6 Point Checklist to Succeed!

This is the first of articles like this I’ll be making here at CG Masters, and I feel it could be one of the most important I’ll write!